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Learning Reading Help

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With the right tools, learning reading can be easier than you think. You can empower your child to overcome their learning reading issues whether your child is dyslexic, has an identified learning disability, is falling through the cracks at school or is even gifted.

The 3 Roadblocks to Learning Reading Help

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  1. Phonetic Related Learning Reading Problem
    Where a child ‘jumbles’ or mispronounces the words as  they are trying to decode (the ability to sound out printed words) or encode (the ability to put letters to the sounds that make up a word). You have no idea what the word is that they are trying to read until you look at it yourself.
  2. Reading Fluency/Visual Tracking Problem
    Where it takes them what seems like forever to read the sentence or they have skipped, omitted or repeated words when reading.
  3. Lack of Language, Vocabulary, or Visualization Skills
    This prevents comprehension or being able to understand what you read

You know how painful it is to see your child struggle or take forever to read their assignments. You just want to take that pain away. You so want to see your child read with ease. I’m here to tell you, reading doesn’t have to be so hard!

Discovering the Roadblocks to Reading
Spelling by spelling pattern to address Phonetic Encoding and Decoding
Quick and short reading drills to address Reading Fluency and Visual Tracking
A set of tools to address Comprehension and Writing
A reading game to address Reading and Listening Comprehension

Solution 5
A Reading Writing & Study Skills 12 week course to address Reading, Writing, & Study Skills & Comprehension

A Spelling Course teaching you with video & audio spelling lessons by spelling pattern to address Phonetic Encoding and Decoding

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