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Overcome Learning Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math Roadblocks

With the right tools, you can empower your child to overcome roadblocks to learning reading, spelling, writing, and math.

The 3 Roadblocks to Learning Reading

Whether your child has dyslexia, has an identified learning disability, is falling through the cracks at school or is even gifted

  • Learning Reading: Phonics Related Problem Phonics related reading problems are when a child ‘jumbles’ or mispronounces the words as they are trying to decode(the ability to sound out printed words) or encode (the ability to put letters to the sounds that make up a word). You have no idea what the word is that they are trying to read until you look at it yourself.
  • Learning Reading: Fluency/Visual Tracking Problem Where it takes them what seems like forever to read the sentence or they have skipped, omitted, or repeated words when reading.
  • Learning Reading: Lack of Language or Vocabulary Problem This prevents comprehension or being able to understand what you read.
Discovering the roadblocks to learning reading.
Spelling by spelling pattern to address the skills of Phonics, Encoding, and Decoding Learning Reading Problems
Quick and short reading drills to address Reading Fluency and Visual Tracking Learning Reading Problems
A set of tools to address Learning Reading Comprehension and Writing
A reading game to address Learning Reading and Listening Comprehension

The 3 Roadblocks to Learning Writing and Study Skills

Do you know when your child is overwhelmed by writing there is actually a reason for it and the reason isn’t that your child is lazy?

  • Learning Writing: Being frozen unable to write anything A breakdown between the brain (thought process) and the hand (motor skills)
  • Learning Writing: Not understanding the mechanics of writing Inability to put your thoughts together with proper grammar and structure.
  • Learning Writing: Inability to organize your thoughts on paper Skipping words or sentences in their writing so it reads like ‘gobble-de-gook’.
Discovering the Roadblocks to Writing and Study Skills
A sentence building game to address being frozen, unable to write and the ability to analyze the mechanics of sentences.
A reference guide illustrating the mechanics of writing along with easy tips for writing success.
A book that helps organize thoughts on paper, including simple tools to help your child’s writing process.

The 3 Roadblocks to Learning Math

Do you know when your child is overwhelmed by writing there is actually a reason for it and the reason isn’t that your child is lazy?

  • Learning Math: Memory Problems Trouble remembering math facts and steps to solving problems
  • Learning Math: Math Concepts: Cognitive Development Problems Understanding the relationships between numbers: how numbers grow and shrink with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, math vocabulary
  • Learning Math: Visual Spatial or Alignment Problems Trouble aligning numbers into columns for calculations, place value, or reading maps and graphs
Discovering the Roadblocks to Math
A basic math skills game to address Memory and Math Concepts
A reference guide to address Memory, Math Concepts, Visual Spatial & Ordering Problems
Organizational sheets to address Visual Spatial or Ordering Problems

The 6 Roadblocks to Learning Spelling

Your child does not have to have a learning disability to have problems with spelling. Any child can be overwhelmed with spelling.

Learning Spelling: Auditory Processing

    • Auditory Discrimination Difficulty recognizing the difference between sounds. (Some children have trouble telling the difference between the short e sound and the short i sound.)
    • Auditory Closure Where you have a hard time pulling sounds together to form a word or trouble filling in gaps when he misses parts of words or conversations.
    • Auditory Visual Integration Trouble putting the correct letter with the sound.

Learning Spelling: Visual Processing

  • Visual Discrimination and Form Constancy Problems determining whether similar words are the same or not as well as whether letters within a word are the same. This is particularly true with the letters b, p, d, and q.
  • Visual Memory Trouble remembering what the word is or remembering once it is written if it is spelled correctly. (i.e. thinking a word doesn’t look like it was spelled correctly)
  • Visual Closure Difficulty pulling the sounds of words together into a complete word. For instance, if you read cat as cat, you will typically spell it either cat or kat. That is where the visual memory comes into play. You would look at kat and realize it is wrong. If you read the word as cuh a-a-a tuh, you could end up misspelling the word.
Spelling is related to phonics and the word attack skills of encoding and decoding.
8 Spelling Patterns, Auditory, Visual, and Tactile methods.
A complete method that solves spelling problems teaching you the eight spelling patterns with audio, visual and tactile methods.

Suspect Dyslexia, LD, or a Learning Problem?

Learning difficulties affect up to one in three, learning disabilities or dyslexia affect one in five, and most learning problems are never identified!

Common Issues
Dyslexia and/or LD:
Trouble with reading, writing, spelling, math, remembering, understanding directions.
Dyslexia and/or LD:
Learning difficulties affect up to one in three, learning disabilities or dyslexia affect one in five, and most learning problems are never identified.
Common Signs
Dyslexia and/or LD:
Indicators of learning problems, learning disabilities or dyslexia

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