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The 3 Roadblocks to Math

Did you know that 7 of 10 children are not proficient in math?

  1. Memory Problems
    Trouble remembering math facts and steps to solving problems
  2. Math Concepts: Cognitive Development Problems
    Understanding the relationships between numbers: how numbers grow and shrink with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, math vocabulary
  3. Visual Spatial or Alignment Problems
    Trouble aligning numbers into columns for calculations, place value, or reading maps and graphs
  • The Story
    Discovering the Roadblocks to Math
  • Solution 1
    A basic math skills game to address Memory and Math Concepts
  • Solution 2
    A reference guide to address Memory, Math Concepts, Visual Spatial & Ordering Problems
  • Solution 3
    Organizational sheets to address Visual Spatial or Ordering Problems

Solve the Roadblocks to Math

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