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Making Spelling Sense Bonus Videos + Audios

Thank you for your purchase of Making Spelling Sense where you learn the 8 ways we put letters together to make words.

Here are the bonus videos that come with Making Spelling Sense as well as a READ This First pdf file.

5-day plan for spelling

Making Spelling Sense Videos and Audios

Making Spelling Sense: The 8 Spelling Patterns

Teaching Spelling Patterns with Bonnie Terry





Teaching and Learning the Short Vowel Sounds

Phonics: Sounding Out Words

EXTRA Bonus: 3 Audios for the first two spelling lessons

Sounds You’ll Need for Lessons 1-11 LISTEN to this audio before each spelling lesson (1-11) to refresh yourself on the sounds of the letters in these lessons!

ASW Spelling Instructions and Lesson 1

ASW Making Spelling Sense Lesson 2

ASW Making Spelling Sense Lesson 2 with Application Lesson

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