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Learning Memory and the Brain Research

The Ways People Learn

Eric Jensen, author of Brain Based Learning, (1997) states that up to 87% of students do NOT learn from hearing alone. He goes on to state that we under-utlilize our visual system when learning. Using color handouts, charts, graphs, photographs, posters, and graphic organizers will increase student’s learning. Through visual and kinesthetic methods you’ll increase student performance, decrease discipline problems, and reduce your own frustration that comes from having to teach the same topic over again.

Research by Robert Sapolsky (1996, 1999) relates stress to learning. When a student is under stress or distress they will have a much more difficult time retaining information.

Laura Erlauer, author of Brain Compatible Classrooms, concluded from Brain Studies … “Using color to emphasize key points can boost memory retention by 25%.”

Here are five specific things you can do to create a learning environment that is optimal for learning:

  • Playing educational games and doing activities that allow your child to learn in a relaxed atmosphere will result in greater learning.
  • Use color to improve memory retention.
  • Use graphic organizers to increase learning and retention.
  • Do some stretching exercises to relax your child’s body, which will free their mind to retain information.
  • Play background music that is 60 beats per minute (classical music or soft music). This will put your child’s heart rate into a relaxed state, which will free their brain to concentrate and retain information easier.

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