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Learning Made Easy Talk Radio with Thea Blair on The Impact of Touch on Learning

Thea Blair — Touch — The Impact on Learning

Thea Blair is a Waldorf teacher and a Pediatric Massage Therapist. She operated a successful, Waldorf-inspired pre-school out of her home for fourteen years. Observing the amazing results of touch, either playful or comforting, in resolving children’s emotional stress led her to seek massage training. She now works as a parent and teacher coach, and a touch educator. Thea brings Peer Massage to schools as a consultant. She is available for talks and workshops about touch, parenting, and childhood development. She is the mother of a 17 year old son and 10 year old daughter. She lives in a small, intentional community with a farm in Nevada City, CA.

Part 1

Part 2

Bonnie and Thea discuss:

  • Why touch is so important
  • How touch can help in the classroom
  • How to implement touch into the classroom

Part 3

Bonnie and Thea continue their discussion:

  • Why touch is so important
  • How touch can help in the classroom
  • How touch can help children that are sensitive to touch
  • How parents can bring conscious good touch to their children

Part 4

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