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Learning Made Easy Talk Radio with Susan Rueppel on Intuition and Learning

Intuition and Learning with Susan Rueppel

Susan Rueppel, Chief Intuition Officer, is an internationally known Business Intuition expert, speaker and trainer. She blends her well-honed intuition with her business savvy from over 20 years in corporate America. Susan helps entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals use intuition to start or grow their business more quickly and easily – saving time and money.

Part 1:

Susan talks with Bonnie about different ways to use intuition to improve learning.

Part 2

We take intuition a step further and get into how intuition should play into choosing sports, schools, or colleges.

Topics Include:

What is intuition?

Choosing a school or at the higher levels – a college – how should intuition come into play here?

What are other areas of our lives where we could benefit from using our intuition?

What are some simple ways people/listeners can learn to tune in to their intuition?

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