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Learning Made Easy Talk Radio with Lesley Poteiter, Children’s Book Author from South Africa

Lesley Potgeiter, Children’s Book Author

Lesley was born with cerebral palsy (right hemiplegia). The CP was diagnosed when she was a baby, and she attended a specialized school where she received physiotherapy and occupational therapy. She was mainstreamed at the age of 12 into a ‘normal school’. After school, Lesley completed her teaching diploma and qualified to teach primary school (elementary school).

After a few years of teaching, she left the profession to focus on raising her two boys. During this time, she set up a story time area for children in her home called ‘Never-ending Stories’ using characters to focus on various levels of reading. This grew into the audio stories that Lesley wrote and recorded.

Three years ago, Lesley suffered a stroke. She is now touch and smell sensitive and has difficulty speaking. This has not stopped her getting the message of her stories and her passion for developing children’s imagination out to the world.

Bonnie and Lesley discuss:

  • Lesley’s inspiring story
  • Never-Ending Stories
  • The power of audio books
  • How to use the Never Ending Stories
  • Lesley’s inspiration for the stories

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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