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Diana Vogel: Kid Whisperer From Down Under Speaks on ADHD

Diana, often called ‘The Kid Whisperer from Down Under’, is Australia’s leading expert in teaching children with ADD, ADHD and Learning Difficulties.  She shares a wealth of information with parents into the underlying causes of behaviors associated with these conditions.

Diana founded and still operates 8 Specialist Tutoring Centers which have a 94% success rate helping these kids. She is a sought after speaker to schools and not-for-profit organizations, author, and workshop facilitator. Because of increasing international demand for Diana’s system, she has developed a home-based version of her highly successful ‘6 minutes a day, 25 minutes once a week’ Miracle Kids For Life program.

Part 1

Topics Include:

  • Are problems like ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia worse now than in years past?
  • What are some of the signs parents should look for when it comes to learning disabilities?
  • Why are we so quick to medicate our children?

Part 2

Topics Include:

  • At what age are doctors prescribing medications for learning and behavior problems?
  • Instead of medication…what are our options?
  • What are the implications of diet to Learning Difficulties?

Part 3

Topics Include:

  • Abandonment issues and learning
  • Simple things parents can do before they go down the route of doctors, pediatricians, medications etc
  • The link between learning disabilities and celebrity

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