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Give Your Struggling Students a Learning Advantage

Give Your Struggling Students a Learning Advantage

Even if They Have Dyslexia or ADHD

FREE Private Live Webinar

Your school has recently received Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills (Teacher’s Book and Student’s Book), Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills, The Writer’s Easy Reference Guide, and the BT Easy Math Reference Guide to use with your special needs students from LAUSD.

Join Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET, the author of the materials, on this private webinar and find out what you can do in just 20 minutes a day to boost your student’s reading, writing, and math skills.

FREE Private Live Webinar on Wednesday March 16th at 5 pm Pacific.

Learn About:

1. Implementing 5 Minutes to Better Reading Skills – Specific Tips to improve reading skills

2. The 5 Step Formula to improve writing skills: Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills

3. Best practices for writing and math with the Writer’s Easy Reference Guide and the BT Easy Math Reference Guide

Those that attend the Live webinar will also receive a surprise FREE gift. And, of course, if you can’t make it live on the call, we will do our best to give you access to the recording! Scroll down to find out more about Bonnie Terry and what teachers and parents say.

Register today: Give Your Struggling Students a Learning Advantage
FREE Live Teleseminar on Wednesday March 16th at 5 pm Pacific.
Space is limited. You can attend via phone or via internet! Register Today!

Title: Give Your Struggling Students a Learning Advantage Time: Wednesday, March 16th at 5pm Pacific. Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

Who Is Bonnie Terry …


  • Has served as a special education teacher since 1973.
  • B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education from Illinois State University, Normal, IL.
  • M.Ed. in Learning Disabilities from California State University, Sacramento, CA.
  • Board Certified Educational Therapist and Learning Disabilities Specialist
  • Bonnie Terry is internationally recognized as an expert in Educational Therapy and Learning Disabilities.

Teachers Say…

Debi Heiberger, M. A., Reading Specialist, Weaverville, CA.

I use the Writer’s Easy Reference Guide as a skills-based rubric, teaching all of this information, and by the time my daughter and my students are in the 9th grade they will be really great writers. You can pull out different levels for different ages. This is really the guide to use.

The BT Easy Math Reference Guide goes across the grade levels. It is in a nice handy format for kids whether in 3rd grade or 8th grade. So often when we are doing a lesson we have to read the hard math book first in order to get it, now I don’t have to sit and read the ‘at times obscure chapter’ to see what to do. This shows me in an easy to understand format. This is so easy for me to use with my students and for my students and for the parents of my students. It is teacher friendly, parent friendly and student friendly. And it’s cool that I can keep it in a binder so it is always handy. Thank you so much for creating these.”

Gail Sims, Elementary School Teacher 29 years

• The charting of their progress is great. It shows the kids their progress daily. The system is very compact and very sequential. You don’t find that elsewhere. With the system you can keep working on areas that the children are having difficulty with and you can move up when they are ready to do that. This is by far the way to teach. Every single solitary child improves his comprehension and his note taking and ability to condense things down into meaningful sentences. I like that. They keep moving at their own pace and yet they are challenged.

Marcia Byrne, Elementary Reading Teacher (30 years experience)

• The difficulty with childhood self esteem with students with learning difficulties is the crucial component to address. Using Bonnie Terry Learning’s Products with kids with learning difficulties, especially with mild to moderate problems, can go a great way towards reducing lack of self-esteem because the continued and spaced practice is very strong. It is educationally effective. The fun activities and games in the system can help them get over what in many cases is a developmental delay that can be strengthened through using your system. One of the key issues with dealing with kids with learning disabilities is the self-esteem issue.

Your system is designed to help the student feel successful, be successful and develop the remediation process that they need all in the context of having fun. That is how the Bonnie Terry Reading Pack, Writing Pack, and Math Pack are so different from any other program. The self-esteem is built in without any artificial reward. It is intrinsic to the activity. You are doing concrete learning with the Bonnie Terry Reading Pack, Writing Pack and Math Pack. Reading, writing, spelling, study skills, and math are all addressed.

Dr. Nancy Richards, Doctorate from University of Arkansas, Specialization in Methods of Teaching and Learning

Parents Say…

The improvement was rapid and dramatic! For these results, I would happily pay double.

Kimberly from

My child loves to see her own progress … and so do I!

Nancy Hogan

My son hated reading and now he reads books on his own!

Jan Fischer

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