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Bonus Videos:


Paragraph Writing Using Brainstorming and Graphic Organizers

Today Bonnie has this paragraph writing lesson for you. You will need a super spacer, a sheet of paper to put behind it, and the hamburger paragraph graphic organizer form – page 31. You may also want the five paragraph essay form – page 35 from Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills.

Teaching the Hamburger Paragraph

Teaching Spelling Patterns with Bonnie Terry

Making Spelling Sense:
Phonics & Spelling: Teaching the short vowel sounds.

Phonics: Sounding out words

Teaching Spelling: The First Spelling Pattern

Watch a family learning the 1st Spelling Pattern

English Grammar: The Sentence Zone

Reading Comprehension:

The Comprehension Zone: Reading Comprehension Game

Improve Reading Comprehension with Note-Taking using Graphic Organizers

Improve Math Skills: The Math Zone

Watch a family playing The Math Zone

Writing: Writing the Basic Essay

Reading Fluency: Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills

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