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BT Easy Math Reference Guide: Help with Math Homework

BT Easy Math Reference Guide

BT Easy Math Reference


Math Homework Help is Here:
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Any Math Assignment…Even Helps Those With Dyslexia, Dyscalulia & ADHD

  • 16 pages packed with all the math you child or student needs to know 1st – 8th!
  • GREAT as a refresher for all parents
  • Step-by-step how to solve math homework problems.

The BT Easy Math Reference Guide Includes:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication,
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percents
  • Word Problem Strategies
  • Math Vocabulary and much, much, more!
  •  And, it fits in your binder!

Demolish the Roadblocks to Math Homework and Give Your Child the Tools to be Successful with Math

Turn your child into a competent and successful math student even if they have a learning disability, dyslexia, dyscalculia, or ADHD!

How many times has your child come home with a math homework assignment and began working on it right away? If your child is anything like my children were, they come home and avoid it, put it off, and then, when they finally get down to doing it, need your help.

That’s how my children and my students were. They were great at saying, “It made perfect sense when she (my teacher) explained it in class; I just can’t remember how to do it now that I’m home (or here – at the learning center).”

And, how often are you able to explain the math assignment? Or do you find that you can’t remember how to do that type of problem because you haven’t had to deal with fractions, decimals, or percents since you were in school.

The challenge then becomes one of trying your darnedest to figure out how to do the problem and then explain to your child how to do the problem. You look through their textbook (if they’ve brought it home), and even then sometimes you become confused.

You know your child needs to not only do his math assignment but also understand it.
You know math can be a challenge and if your child doesn’t understand basic math, they will become lost. In fact, if children don’t have a mathematical foundation, the further they go, the more lost they get.

Most children have gaps in their understanding of calculations with: fractions, decimals, percents, or word problems. Without these basics, once they’re in Algebra and beyond, they tend to feel hopelessly lost.

I wanted to be sure my children and students would be able to understand the math concepts and be successful with their math assignments. I also wanted them to have something to refer to if I wasn’t there to offer guidance to them.

So, I decided to create the same type of reference guide for their math homework assignments that I did to help them with their writing assignments (the Writer’s Easy Reference Guide). This time I would address the roadblocks to math success. The math homework reference guide would be filled with all of the basics of elementary school math. The BT Easy Math Reference Guide would bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical. It can also help you become your child’s Math Guru and be so easy to use that your child will even be able to use it on their own.

Math Homework Help: Did you know that in math assignments that contain word problems there are clue words in every word problem?

And if you understand what the clue words are telling you what to do, you will be able to solve any word problem. That is why I explain what the clue words are telling you and give you examples of just about every type of word problem there is. That way your child can just match their math problem up with the example and see how to do it.

Imagine the day when your child can accurately:

  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide
  • Calculate fractions, decimals, percents
  • Solve word problems
  • Calculate area, perimeter, and ratio with ease.
  • Recognize and do calculations with geometric shapes, lines, and angles.

I must admit, I got a bit carried away when I was developing the BT Easy Math Reference Guide, so it is 16 pages packed with all the math you child needs to know for 1st through 8th grade math! It’s GREAT as a refresher for all parents trying to remember how to help their child solve their homework problem.

Homeschoolers Say…

The following is a review on the BT Easy Math Reference Guide from Mary Pride (publisher of Practical Home Schooling Magazine):

“The BT Easy Math Reference Guide is a mother load of math help. If you’re one of those “math-phobic” moms, it could be a huge help with teaching your kids elementary math and getting them ready with everything they need to know before tackling algebra.

Starting with addition and subtraction, this 16-page guide shows step by step how to solve all elementary math calculations right up to fractions and decimals. Also covered are all those “other” math topics, such as word problems, bar and circle graph, rounding and estimating, place value, geometry, measurements, money, and averaging.

You’ll learn the how, the why, and the memory tricks to help you student remember. Simple, clear examples, all in a sturdy, 3-hole-punched format you can slip into a binder. It’s a great supplement to any math program, for both parent and student.”
Don’t spend another evening frustrated, trying to help your child with their math homework assignments! Become your child’s math hero; empower your child, and ENJOY your evenings!

BT Easy Math Reference Guide

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As with all Bonnie Terry Learning Products, BT Easy Math Reference Guide comes with a 60 Day Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee.

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