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ASW Call in Information

Monday Call at 5pm PST, 8pm EST Thursday Call in at 5pm PST, 8pm EST

Handout for 7-18-11

ASW 7-18-11 Read a Picture Jaguar

ASW 7-18-11 Jaguar Research & Photos

Handout for June 20th
ASW 6-20-11 Ten Minutes Beginning Middle End Sheet

Handout for June 13th call

ASW 6-13-11 Improve Writing Sentence Combining Lesson 2

Handouts for June 6th call:
ASW 6-6-11 Improve Writing Skills Sentence Combining Lesson 1

Intermediate Progression Grid

Primary Signs and Sayings Grid

916-414-0605 ID 677209#

Backup # 619-684-9024 Same ID 677209#

You can also call in via Skype!

Live Stream dates and links will be here:

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