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About Bonnie Terry and Bonnie Terry Learning

Bringing you a happy, capable child with all the educational advantages you crave for them…giving students tools to succeed for over 20 years

Tools address the underlying root causes of learning problems

Brain-based books, games, and guides

Improve core skills: reading, writing, spelling, and math

Awaken the Scholar Within (ASW) Video Programs where Bonnie teaches you step-by-step how to improve the core skills: reading, writing, spelling, and math

Awards with 2013 awards

Students with identified or unidentified learning disabilities, dyslexia, and ADHD are improving their learning skills.

Our philosophy is that all students can learn; they just need the tools and the encouragement to find their wings to reach their goals. And we have results to prove that this is true.

“We love your program at Weaverville Elementary School. It’s really helped our students. We have 5 years of data showing gains our students have made. Your program is an integral part of our reading program.” Debi Heiberger, M. A., Weaverville, CA.

 Simple Steps to Get Started with Bonnie Terry:

  • Step 1: Reading fluency & Comprehension, Spelling, or Phonics (sounding out words) Solutions: Add the Reading Pack (Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills,  Making Spelling Sense, Making Spelling Sense II, Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills, and the Comprehension Zone)
  • Step 2: Writing Solutions Add Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills, the Comprehension Zone and Sentence Zone, and the Writer’s Easy Reference Guide
  • Step 3: Math Solutions Add the Math Pack (the Math Zone game, BT Easy Math Reference Guide and Super Spacers
  • Step 4 Coaching Programs: Suspect a learning problem or dyslexia? (Identify the Underlying Root Cause of Learning Problems): If you’re not sure why your child struggles, let’s identify the underlying root cause of the learning problems (vision, auditory, or tactile perception): Have Bonnie go through the neuro-developmental behaviorally-based assessment with you and then go over all of the results and give you a step-by-step plan to address the root causes of the learning problems.
  • Coaching Programs: Awaken the Scholar Within (ASW) Programs Bonnie coaches you through video lessons, teaching you step-by-step how to improve reading skills, writing skills, spelling skills, study skills, & math skills.

 About Bonnie Terry

Board Certified Educational Therapist

Bonnie Terry is  America’s Leading Learning Specialist and is the first to effectively address the real root cause of learning problems while improving the core skills of reading, writing, spelling, and math. She is host of the weekly radio program Learning Made Easy Talk Radio which airs every Tues morning at 10:30 am CT.

Bonnie Terry is a frequent guest on FOX 40 morning news speaking on education. She has served as a special education teacher since 1973. She received her B.S. in Elementary Education and Special Education from Illinois State University, Normal, IL, and a M.Ed. in Special Education from California State University, Sacramento, CA. Bonnie Terry is internationally recognized as an expert in Educational Therapy and Learning Disabilities.

Ms. Terry’s Reading Pack, Writing Pack, and Reference Pack are currently being used from coast to coast: including the University of Kansas, California State University at Fresno (teacher preparation classes), Monterey Peninsula College, Stanislaus Community College, Modesto Community College, and at Sierra College (Learning Opportunity Center). They are also being used around the world.

Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions or comments about our materials. We do listen and respond to your comments as quickly as possible. We continually strive to make life easier for students, giving them the ‘codes’ they need to progress.
Bonnie Terry Learning, Tutoring, Auburn, CA

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