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Awaken the Scholar Within Learning Skills Program for Dyslexic, ADHD, Learning Disabled, & Autistic Kids

Dyslexic Kids?   ADHD Kids?   Learning Disabled? Autistic Kids?  This learning skills program is specifically designed to improve the learning skills that are holding you or your child back!

 ADHD kids

One Parent’s Story…

“I have 3 kids, and they all struggle. One struggles with reading, one with spelling, and one with reading and writing. I knew something had to be making learning hard but I had no idea that doing some simple activities could make learning so much easier! The video lessons made all the difference in the world to our family. Once I saw the lessons, they were so easy to use with my kids. I never would have thought that these simple activities would make such a difference. We all had fun and their learning skills improved tremendously! Thank you for creating this learning skills program!”

Karen F, parent VA

 learning disabilities, learning problemsWhat do you do when your child is struggling with everything? No matter what you do and how much you help them, learning is still HARD. I get calls all the time with parents telling me that school is just plain hard. Their kids don’t seem to be able to retain anything. Reading is hard. Spelling is hard. Writing is hard. Even math is hard.

Sometimes parents think their child may have dysgraphia. Sometimes they think their child has dyslexia. Sometimes they think their child has an auditory processing disorder or that they are learning disabled. And, sometimes their child has been diagnosed with any or all of the above. So, what CAN you do as a parent to help your child and make a difference in their lives. Is there anything you can do at home to help them?

The answer is YES! There is so-o-o MUCH you can do to help your child learn with greater ease! In fact, even adults can learn with greater ease too. There is no age limit to improving learning skills. The science of neuroplasticity proves this.

Help for Learning Challenged, Dyslexic Kids, and ADHD Kids

I’ve been teaching a LONG time, over 35 years, and I’ve been teaching kids and adults with learning problems of every type imaginable. As a learning disabilities specialist and board certified educational therapist, I’ve even worked with adults who have had strokes and were told they would never regain any cognition. And they did!

learning disabledThe key to making REAL progress with learning skills whether you have dyslexia, ADHD, a learning disability, autism, or developmental delays is to address the underlying root cause of learning problems. That is what the Awaken the Scholar Within Program does!

I have spent more than 35 years and thousands of dollars studying the best of the best techniques and methods to use with students that struggle. I have used these teaching methods with my students, throwing out what doesn’t work and pulling together what does work. The result of this 35+ year quest to make learning easier for struggling students, those dyslexic kids, those ADHD kids, those kids in the autism spectrum is this set of activities that are easy to do in the comfort of your own home that address the underlying root causes of learning problems.

What Parents Say…

“My son was struggling in 4th grade…I was skeptical at first…my son started making progress. Homework time was easier and his attitude about learning changed too! It works! Thanks Bonnie!!!”

Rick M, Parent, WI

“My son had been struggling with everything. Once we started your program he actually started making progress. The simple exercises and activities you have us do have made a real difference with him. He is one of those autistic kids that can learn once given the chance. And you have given him the chance. Thanks so much!”

Karen W, Parent, AZ

Bonnie Terry M Ed BCET, dyslexia reading, improve reading skills, learning reading, learning disabilitiesJust 15 Minutes a Day

12 Week Program

Improve ALL Learning Skills

Auditory Processing Skills

Vision Perception Skills

Tactile/Kinesthetic Perception Skills

Change the Brain and Make Learning Easier

Address the Underlying Root Causes of Learning Struggles

Grades 1st to adult

The Learning Skills Program works with all struggling learners!

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Benefits for Learning Challenged Kids:

No matter what the problem your kids are having, whether they are dyslexic kids, ADHD kids, are in the autistic spectrum, or have an auditory processing problem, we all learn through the same 3 avenues. We learn through vision, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic modes. The Learning Skills Program addresses the following areas of perception and improves Working Memory & Executive Function as well as the following areas of perception.

Seeing: vision perception areas that will improve

  • Visual Motor
  • Visual Discrimination & Form Constancy
  • Visual Memory
  • Visual Tracking
  • Visual Figure Ground
  • Visual Closure
  • Visual Language Association
  • Visual Language Classification
  • Visual Integration

Hearing: auditory processing areas that will improve

  • Auditory Figure Ground
  • Auditory Discrimination
  • Auditory Closure
  • Auditory Memory
  • Auditory Visual Integration
  • Auditory Visual Coordination
  • Auditory Language Association
  • Auditory Language Classification
  • Auditory Integration

Doing: tactile/kinesthetic areas that will improve

  • Body Image
  • Sensory-Perceptual
  • Laterality
  • Directionality
  • Locomotion
  • Contact
  • Spatial-Temporal
  • Sensory Motor Integration
  • Motor

You will typically see improvement in reading skills within 3 days and you’ll see improvement in overall learning skills for learning challenged, dyslexic kids, or ADHD kids within 3 weeks!

Specifically designed program for struggling students of all ages! Our program typically OUT-PERFORMS OTHER Learning Skills PROGRAMS because it addresses the underlying root causes of learning problems while improving your or your child’s reading and learning skills.

Created by America’s Leading Learning Specialist Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET, a learning disabilities specialist and board certified educational therapist with over 37 years experience in changing the lives of thousands of students worldwide.

12 Week Program Includes:

dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD

• 12 Weekly video and/or audio lessons created by Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

(watch & listen on your computer)

• Step-by-step ways to activate the brain for learning

• Easy activities to improve the underlying root causes of learning problems

• Step-by-step lessons in the proper way to start any assignment

• Step-by-step lessons to improve auditory processing and working memory simultaneously

• Step-by-step lessons to improve vision perception and working memory simultaneously

• Step-by-step lessons to improve tactile/kinesthetic processing and working memory simultaneously

• Weekly calendar of activities: what to do & when to do it (just 15 minutes a day)

• Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills Teacher’s Book

• Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills Student Book

• Activities can be used with the whole family and everyone’s ability to learn improves!

In just 12 WEEKS and 15 Minutes a Day…your child will show IMPROVEMENT in both reading & learning skills as well as having their SELF CONFIDENCE soar!

Total 12 week Awaken the Scholar Within Learning Skills Program is only $297.00

(Includes over $100.00 of materials + $600.00 of video & audio lessons)

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What Parents Say…

“The videos made all the difference in the world. I’m a very visual person. Once I saw the lessons, they were so easy to use with my 6 kids. The videos showed me step by step what to do. Your program helps build their self-esteem too. They’re short quick activities.  One of the best parts is that I can use your program with all of my kids. They are all improving! Thank you so much.”

Rita A, parent, WA

“Bonnie, Thanks for the help you have given us. One of my sons was quite dyslexic in reading but after using your program, I rarely notice any sign of it. He actually enjoys reading.  He´s read Narnia on his own!”

Jenine F, Parent, Il

What Teachers Say…

“The difficulty with childhood self esteem with students with learning difficulties is the crucial component to address. Using the Awaken the Scholar Within Learning Skills Program with dyslexia kids, learning disabled, ADHD kids, and mild autistic kids especially those with mild to moderate problems, is educationally effective. One of the key issues with dealing with kids with learning disabilities is the self-esteem issue. Your system is designed to help the student feel successful, be successful and develop the remediation process that they need all in the context of having fun.”

Dr. Nancy Richards, Doctorate from University of Arkansas, Specialization in Methods of Teaching and Learning

Total 12 week Awaken the Scholar Within Learning Skills Program is

Only $297.00

(Includes over $100.00 of materials + $600.00 of video & audio lessons)

Order today your child can be on his or her way to reading & learning success!

Great for adults to improve their own skills too!

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Awaken the Scholar Within

Learning Skills 12 Week Program

Price: $297.00

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