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Amazing Grades

how to improve your grades, how to get good grades, amazing gradesThis is the year you can learn how to improve your grades…and get Amazing Grades and see the report card you are proud of!

Let your child use their own learning style with this FIRST EVER multi-media book to improve their grades easily!

101 learning experts sharing their secret tips on how to improve your grades.

All you have to do to learn how to get good grades is to follow the secret tips in Amazing Grades.

how to improve your grades, how to get good grades, amazing gradesOn page 43 you’ll learn how to get good grades by balancing your brain. You will learn that successful learners are active learners. They move in specific ways that actually enhance the brain and learning.

On page 191 you will learn three techniques to help your child build a faster, better brain. There are specific tips for building a faster, more efficient brain.

On page 113, you’ll learn how to understand everything you read. This chapter shows you step-by-step how to improve your grades through specific types of note taking. It lets you know what to pay attention to in a selection…in addition to paying attention to the main topic and sub-topics.

Page 101 shows you how to integrate technology into your learning for better grades. This chapter helps you to improve your grades by looking at which technology will help you the most according to the type of learner you are. The technology solutions you need will differ according to how you learn. For example, if you are a n auditory learner, podcasts will be very helpful to you.

Page 59 gives you 8 ways to beat exam anxiety, both before the exam and during the exams. This chapter tells you not only how to manage your time during the exam (spending the most time on the questions that give you the most points), but also how to plan your answers for short answer or essay questions, as well as how to check your paper at the end.

how to improve your grades, how to get good grades, amazing gradesYou will also learn how to choose the right college on page 31. Your first step will be creating a list with three columns marked need, wan t, and can live without. You’ll also learn how to compare different college types: career colleges, community colleges, and four year institutions.

On page 13 you’ll find out how to get good grades by eating brain healthy foods. “Research scientists know that nutrition and dietary habits have a momentous effect on how our brains age. Not only is it important to know how certain foods effect our brain and thought processes, it is also equally important to know how the timing of food intake effects performance.”

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Amazing Grades:

101 Best Ways to

Improve Your Grades

By: Pat Wyman, M. A. and 100 Experts

Including Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET


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